Library Monitors

Below you can see our "Term" library monitors.



 1. You must come to the library on your rostered day and take empty baskets to the classes on the list between 8.45 and 9am. The baskets will be ready for you behind the circulation desk.

2. At 9 o'clock you go to your class and let your teacher know you are at school. You then ask permission to come to the Library.

3. You report for duty at the Library. You then go back to the classes where you left baskets and bring the baskets containing books to the circulation desk. You will need to use the book trolley to do this. The elevator key is kept on a huge keyring under the Circulation desk.

4. Take the trolley carefully through the elevator doors. Be careful not to bump the doors as this means they will not close properly. Collect books from all the classes on your list and bring them back to the Library.

5. You return the books using the scanners and put them in the correct tubs for shelving.

6. At 9.45 you return to your classroom, whether you have finished or not. Left over books will be returned at lunch time.

7. At 1.10 on your rostered day on, you line up at the bottom of the Library stairs. On Monday and Friday, no other children will be in the Library. You will return and shelve books, and keep the library tidy. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday you will return books, photocopy colouring pages, help with computers and read to the children.

8. At all times you will polite and helpful to the children and adults who use the Library.


Please place your timetable in a safe place so you can refer to it easily. Remember, this is one of the most important jobs in the school, and you must be responsible and reliable at all times. If you are placed on timeout, you will be immediately dismissed from your position. Congratulations on being selected. We hope you enjoy your time as a Library Monitor.


Mrs McCudden and Mrs Pead

see Mrs McCudden in the library"